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  • 21 December 2019
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Lipstick and Blood Free read ´ 104 Brandon and Michelle were the culprits A jury agreed sentencing them both to life prison terms Here is a searing true account of secret lives lethal passions and savage murder Includes 16 pages of shocking photos John Kearney has been an award winning newspaper and science writer for fifteen years and served for three years as a writer and editor for Diagnostics Intelligence a scientific publication on blood and DNA testing He lives in New Jersey. Three high school girls seemingly bi sexual this is a story of jealousy and murder and how deception and lies can lead some people to do somethin

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Lipstick and Blood Free read ´ 104 4 Sided Love Triangle Michelle Hetzel Keary Renner and Devon Guzman were three high school girls who shared a secret their lesbian desires After high school Michelle married Brandon Bloss 25 while Keary and Devon lived together Michelle used her husband's credit card to finance a trip for herself and Devon to the island of St Croix where they were secretly wed Back home in Easton Pennsylvania on a night in June 2000 Devon broke up with Michelle an. I went to HS with these girls and knew one of them personally After 11 months of trying to get through this I gave up The writting was so bad and

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Lipstick and Blood Free read ´ 104 D a series of violent uarrels ensued among the foursome The next day Devon was found dead in her car Geometry Of Murder Devon's death was murder made to look like suicide Her throat had been cut clear through to the spine Who was the killer Keary Renner had been physically abusive to Devon in their relationship Michelle was furious at being rejected by Devon And Brandon Bloss wanted his wife to stay faithful to him Forensic evidence indicated that. Not well edited