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Adam Benforado º 6 characters Free read · PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Adam Benforado Free read Unfair by Adam Benforado ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Thin the minds of each and every one of us   This is difficult to accept Our nation is founded on the idea that the law is impartial that legal cases are won or lost on the basis of evidence careful reasoning and nuanced argument But they may in fact turn on the camera angle of a defendant’s taped confession the number of photos in a mug shot book or a simple word choice during a cross examination In Unfair Benforado shines a light on this troubling new field of research showing for example that people with certain facial features receive longer sentences and that judges are far likely to grant parole first thing in the morning   Over the last two decades psychologists and neuroscientists have uncovered many cognitive forces that operate beyond ou. This book is EXCELLENT Put it on the top of your to read list if you are interested in the Justice system This is the book I have been waiting to read I taught criminology and criminal justice to undergrads and am now wishing Adam Benforado had written a textbook I truly hope he turns this incredible popular science book about crime decision making and justice into a textbook for the next generation of students who are interested in taking a job in some aspect of our criminal justice system Whether students want to be lawyers judges police officers or whether they will simply be jurors or vote for any judge or policy associated with crime in America they need this information as a prere

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Adam Benforado º 6 characters Free read · PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Adam Benforado Free read Unfair by Adam Benforado ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB R conscious awareness Until we address these hidden biases head on Benforado argues the social ineuality we see now will only widen as powerful players and institutions find ways to exploit the weaknesses of our legal system    Weaving together historical examples scientific studies and compelling court cases from the border collie put on trial in Kentucky to the five teenagers who falsely confessed in the Central Park Jogger case Benforado shows how our judicial processes fail to uphold our values and protect society’s weakest members With clarity and passion he lays out the scope of the legal system’s dysfunction and proposes a wealth of practical reforms that could prevent injustice and help us achieve true fairness and euality before the law. Unfair by Adam Benforado tackles a difficult subject the ironic injustice of our criminal justice system in the United States He argues that our legal system has a wide array of flaws with no easy solution to eradicate them Benforado suggests that psychological biases come into play in every aspect of prosecutionThe way Benforado sets up his argument not going to go into a lot of detail the book is short read it it reminded me a lot of the eual pay issue in America and much of the world We can t find one simple fix as it is a multifaceted issue but talking about the problem could be one step Similarly discussing our ever prevalent biases would be beneficial in creating a well just

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Adam Benforado º 6 characters Free read · PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Adam Benforado Free read Unfair by Adam Benforado ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB A law professor sounds an explosive alarm on the hidden unfairness of our legal system Kirkus Reviews starred  A child is gunned down by a police officer; an investigator ignores critical clues in a case; an innocent man confesses to a crime he did not commit; a jury acuits a killer The evidence is all around us Our system of justice is fundamentally broken   But it’s not for the reasons we tend to think as law professor Adam Benforado argues in this eye opening galvanizing book Even if the system operated exactly as it was designed to we would still end up with wrongful convictions trampled rights and uneual treatment This is because the roots of injustice lie not inside the dark hearts of racist police officers or dishonest prosecutors but wi. As depressing as you would expect from the title But this is not just another book about structural racism or corruption much of it is dedicated to exploring how profoundly incapable we are of living up to the fantasy of our justice system He references countless studies showing that not just jurors and eyewitnesses but police lawyers and judges exhibit shockingly irrational behavior I read a fair number of topical the world is going to hell if we don t fix X now books and much of this book is completely under society s radar meaning that comprehensive reform to address these psychological faults is likely on the other side of a long battle that hasn t even started yetMy biggest complai